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Geek Queen's Section of Cyberspace

It's All Geek to Me.

Geek Queen
My blog contains my ramblings on various things-- television, life, music, etc.
a gifted man, abby scuito, action figures, adam ross, animals, animation, anime, antiques roadshow, arrow, blue bloods, books, breaking in, burn notice, cards, cartoons, castle, cats, cheyenne, christmas, chuck, cinematic titanic, classic tv, clue, cold justice, collecting, computers, connor temple, criminal minds, crosswords, crusoe, cryptoquips, csi, csi: ny, daniel jackson, detectives, diagnosis murder, doctor who, due south, eli stone, emergency!, eureka, firefly, flash forward, flashpoint, forensics, frasier, garfield, geeks, gemstones, ghost hunters, glitter, graphic novels, greatest american hero, greg sanders, grimm, harold finch, harry's law, haven, hawaii five-0, heroes, human target, humor, inspector lewis, javier lopez, jeff dunham, jewelry, john reese, languages, law & order, law & order: uk, leverage, lewis, longmire, looney tunes, manga, medium, merlin, mike & molly, mock the week, monk, music, mutts, my two dads, mysteries, mystery science theater 3000, naruto, ncis, ncis: los angeles, night court, numb3rs, penelope garcia, pens and pencils, person of interest, peter burke, primeval, psych, puns, pushing daisies, puzzles, quizzes, reading, red dwarf, rifftrax, riptide, rizzoli & isles, road trips, rodney mckay, rookie blue, royal pains, ryan wolfe, sally forth, science, scooby doo, scrubs, shark, sherlock, sherlock holmes, singing, star trek, star wars, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, starsky & hutch, storms, sudoku, teenage mutant ninja turtles, television, the a-team, the dead zone, the golden girls, the high chaparral, the listener, the lone gunmen, the mentalist, the muppets, the persuaders, the sentinel, the three investigators, tim mcgee, tv tie-ins, ufo, unwrapped, warehouse 13, weather, white collar, whitechapel, whose line, women's murder club, writing, yu-gi-oh